Document Camera – A High Yield Tool

Create anchor charts with the students on how to do research and the success criteria. Modelled instruction in every subject. Math problem solving Reading strategies Written tasks Visual arts techniques Shared instruction Math problem solving Reading strategies Written tasks Co-constructed anchor charts Developing Learning Goals & Success Criteria  Student presentations of projects or assignments in […]

French Immersion Math PlayBook Apps

Applications used during French Immersion math instruction: MinuteMath review of basic math facts, results recorded to show personal progress through the levels of the application as well as progress through the months Calcx practice of basic math computation, can be used as an individual challenge or as a class friendly competition to complete levels MathMemory […]

Problem Solving Apps

Involve strategy, building or fail and retry Assembler App Protect The Cheese App  

Learn 360 – Website

Videos to introduce concepts and spark discussions.

Voice Notes – A Great App!

Great App that comes preloaded on the PlayBook.  During a collaboration time with some of my teachers, I showed them how they could record audio easily with Voice Notes and they could immediately see the applications for all students.  This App could be used as part of Differentiated Assessment to assess a student’s learning when writing […]