Great Work Grade 6 Students on World Math Day!

Congratulations!! On behalf of the World Education Games Team we are pleased to present your school with the enclosed Certificate of Distinction for the World Education Games. Your students did really well in Mathletics and as a result your school received one of the highest scores of schools participating from Ontario.

Apps Can Make Fun & Learning the Same Thing – Four Pictures One Word

A grade 8 student shared a great learning App with a teacher here at our school and now many staff and students are hooked on “Four Pictures One Word”.  It is a fun App with many curriculum connections and potential learning outcomes such as picture recognition, word-picture association and spelling.  In the picture below, the […]

Students Using Digital Tools to Build Background Knowledge for Literature Circles

Students were using their new iPads during Literature Circles ( to build their background knowledge on various topics connected with Global Issues.  I am continually amazed how easily students see digital tools as just another learning tool for them to use.  As well, they can access the information from the Board Virtual Library in their […]

Students using school and personal digital tools in visual arts

Students are using school and personal digital tools in visual arts while drawing a 2D representation of a 3D object.  By taking a digital photograph of a 3D object, students are better able to make an accurate drawing and zoom in to see finer details.  

Students practice their mental math skills in preparation for World Math Day

Students are practicing for World Math Day on March 6th using the World Education Games website (  Students compete against other students of the same age from all over the world. It is great to see their excitement and enthusiasm for practicing math!

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