Great Work Grade 6 Students on World Math Day!

Congratulations!! On behalf of the World Education Games Team we are pleased to present your school with the enclosed Certificate of Distinction for the World Education Games. Your students did really well in Mathletics and as a result your school received one of the highest scores of schools participating from Ontario.

Students practice their mental math skills in preparation for World Math Day

Students are practicing for World Math Day on March 6th using the World Education Games website (  Students compete against other students of the same age from all over the world. It is great to see their excitement and enthusiasm for practicing math!

Students Learning Numeracy Skills Using Khan Academy to Fill in Learning Gaps & Practice to Mastery

Students at Park Manor are using Khan Academy ( in most of their math classes to help fill in prior learning gaps with respect to numeracy skills and practice them to gain mastery.  Students are encouraged to log in at home or during breaks in the computer lab to watch instructional videos and practice key skills […]

Success Story #5

During a Grade 6  Math class we were giving real life connections to do with rates.  The students had been asked to research the annual salaries of an average person in Canada and one other country.  Students came back with their information and one of them had used France, but could only get the information […]

French Immersion Math PlayBook Apps

Applications used during French Immersion math instruction: MinuteMath review of basic math facts, results recorded to show personal progress through the levels of the application as well as progress through the months Calcx practice of basic math computation, can be used as an individual challenge or as a class friendly competition to complete levels MathMemory […]