All about the document cameras we use.

Document Cameras connected to a data projector allow live colour imaging of anything the teacher wishes to show on the screen, whiteboard or SMART Board.  As well, Document Cameras can be connected through a computer or laptop and use the Notebook software with or without a SMART Board.  There are many benefits of using a […]

Document Camera – A High Yield Tool

Create anchor charts with the students on how to do research and the success criteria. Modelled instruction in every subject. Math problem solving Reading strategies Written tasks Visual arts techniques Shared instruction Math problem solving Reading strategies Written tasks Co-constructed anchor charts Developing Learning Goals & Success Criteria  Student presentations of projects or assignments in […]

Document Camera + Computer + HD Projector

Notebook software Capture photos and video

Document Camera + HD Projector

Live coloured Works great with a plain whiteboard Shared & Modeled Instruction Very easy to model steps, organizing and thinking Adds a visual component to any think-aloud Student Exemplars Amazing for sharing student work Manipulatives – displays in colour Demonstrations leading to student independence Ongoing instruction and next steps Examples (art, history, geography) Review Learning […]

Document Camera + Computer + SMART Board + HD Projector

Math problem solving Using math problems on the document camera through Notebook and using the SMART Board for students to demonstrate answers

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