Proscope + Computer + HD Projector

Use in science class for demonstrations and using microscopes Captures still, video and time-lapsed video

Document Camera + Computer + HD Projector

Notebook software Capture photos and video

WiFi + Computer + SMART Board + HD Projector

Google Earth & Bing Maps Free Rice French verb and vocabulary review activities Online stories Phonics activities Merriam Webster Dictionary website Engaging word games for bellwork, warm up, word practice and vocabulary Smart Exchange – engaging SMART Board lessons ( Math Language Arts

Document Camera + Computer + SMART Board + HD Projector

Math problem solving Using math problems on the document camera through Notebook and using the SMART Board for students to demonstrate answers

Computer + SMART Board + HD Projector

SMART Board Files Notebook App Creating anchor charts Morning circle time Interactive lessons Supports kinesthetic and visual learners Enable differentiated instruction Attendance recording

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