Grade 6 Students Using Digital Tools to Encourage Authentic Talk

Grade 6 students at Park Manor PS shared their thinking during a Literature Circle discussion.  The teacher places a digital recording device at each table to record the discussion, which she can use later for student feedback and instructional next steps.  The use of a digital tool to record student talk helps keep the students […]

Students Using Digital Tools to Build Background Knowledge for Literature Circles

Students were using their new iPads during Literature Circles ( to build their background knowledge on various topics connected with Global Issues.  I am continually amazed how easily students see digital tools as just another learning tool for them to use.  As well, they can access the information from the Board Virtual Library in their […]

Students using school and personal digital tools in visual arts

Students are using school and personal digital tools in visual arts while drawing a 2D representation of a 3D object.  By taking a digital photograph of a 3D object, students are better able to make an accurate drawing and zoom in to see finer details.  

Technology For Accelerated Learning (TFAL) School Policy

Here is Park Manor’s Technology For Accelerated Learning (TFAL) School Policy.  This is a work-in-progress as we are still trying to  help use technology, whether purchased by the school or by families, to accelerate the learning of all our students.  We are lucky to have a great deal of school / board purchased technology.  At this […]

NEO Alphasmart

We have over 15 NEO Alphasmarts for students to use to help them in their written communication.

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