French Immersion Visual Arts PlayBook Apps

Applications used during French visual arts instruction: Video recording of teacher lesson for students to watch as needed to review a lesson and apply its content for sketch/work completion Camera students take pictures of their work to show progress, photos can also be used for reference of past work, or for use in ScrapBook App […]

French Immersion Language PlayBook Apps

Applications used during French language class: Voice Notes  recording student voice teacher voice recorded for student reference Videos recording of student presentations for teacher and self-evaluation Camera photos taken for work completion images of student work for use as examples and modeling Twitter daily Tweets posted to inform parents of activities completed reminders for students […]


Use in various other apps like “Comic Creator” and “Scrapbook” Visual Art – still life portraits and programs used for shading or B&W

Video Recording

Compare and contrast physical movement in H&PE Teacher and self assessment and editing Record student presentations

Camera – Video Recording

Recording of student presentations for teacher and self-evaluation.  Used video to do a diagnostic on listening and speaking strategies in pairs.  Students were able to reflect on what they saw. Very powerful!  Create videos for assignments or activities.  Video students performing in Physical Education class or during games.  Support students who may be nervous presenting […]

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