Digital Learning

Park Manor is proud of its growth and expertise amongst staff and students using integrated technology.  We use Google Classroom and GAfE on a daily basis to enrich the learning environment for all.

Park Manor has developed an Accelerated Learning Framework to help us effectively integrate digital learning into our curriculum in ways that accelerates the learning of all of our students.  The Accelerated Learning Framework was just published in Michael Fullan’s book “Stratosphere“.  Thanks to all the staff and students for their contributions to the material shared in Michael’s book and to all the learning here at school.  Click on the links below to learn more about the digital learning happening here at Park Manor and our Accelerated Learning Framework ( (In my time here at Park Manor, I have been contacted repeatedly internationally by other educational leaders to come and tour our school and ask how we have been able to integrate technology so seamlessly in our schools.  We have been highlighted by writers and educators globally.  Not bad for a small town school!)

Park Manor’s Technology For Accelerated Learning (TFAL) Policy

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  1. Community Of Learners
  2. Critical 21st Century Skills
  3. Exemplary Pedagogy
  4. Rich Learning Tasks
  5. Technology Tools
  6. Programs, Applications & Websites

Park Manor uses technology to accelerate learning for all students.  Every classroom has a document camera, data projector and wireless Internet.  We are a digitally rich school that encourages the appropriate use of technology in our classrooms.  We do not use technology for technology’s sake, but use it to provide rich learning environments for our students.  Most classrooms have over 20 mobile devices for students use in a combination of iMacs, SMART Boards,  iPads, BlackBerry PlayBooks and Chromebooks.  Students are welcome to bring devices for academic purposes to our classrooms.  The staff and students use all the forms of technology in innovative ways to support their own learning, develop 21st century stills and become Global Critical Thinkers Collaborating To Change The World.  “Deepen instruction and harness technology – this is the correct sequence” Choosing Effective Drivers for Whole System Reform, Michall Fullan  (

 Please see go to ( to learn more about Park Manor’s Accelerated Learning Framework.

Park Manor’s Accelerated Learning Framework is published in Michael Fullan’s latest book “Stratosphere“.

Stratosphere by Michael Fullan