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Terry Fox Run 2017

Fundraising Goal Incentives

$100 – Mrs. W will skip for run

$200 – Mr. F will have a braid

$300 – Mrs. M and Mrs. N will run 3-legged

$400 – Ms. B will get pie in face

$500 – Ms. M will get hair/makeup done


$500 – Ms I will run in hockey gear

$600 – Mme P and Mlle P will swap classes

$700 – Mr. S will get complete makeover


$800 – Mr. L will wear tutu for run

$1000 – Mrs N, Mrs M and Ms. M will streak hair pink/purple and multi

$2000 – Mrs McE will get tips of hair dyed blue

$5000 – Mrs. W will shave her head (Maybe next year Mrs. W!)

And we’re off!

Great job Panthers!