Grade 6 Students Using Digital Tools to Encourage Authentic Talk

Grade 6 students at Park Manor PS shared their thinking during a Literature Circle discussion.  The teacher places a digital recording device at each table to record the discussion, which she can use later for student feedback and instructional next steps.  The use of a digital tool to record student talk helps keep the students […]

Learners of Park Manor 3 #LOPM #WRDSB

Grade 7 Student Question – Tell me why you were using your iPod in art class? Answer – I was using my device because the art teacher said we could use a view finder or our device.  I chose to use my device, so that I could keep the picture of the part of the bike I was […]

Learners of Park Manor 2 #LOPM #WRDSB

Grade 6 Student Question – What are your favourite things at Park Manor? Answer – Getting to know the teachers, having a desk, a locker and we get to move from class to class. Question – What did you like about the Panther Cup activities? Answer – We had to think about strategies and I liked working with other students […]

Learners of Park Manor 1 #LOPM #WRDSB

Grade 6 Student Question – What is your favourite thing at Park Manor? Answer – I like Language Arts activities like games to learn about how to work in groups. Question – Why do like Park Manor? Answer – It’s a good school.  The teachers are kind of pushing you, but they’re not too too strict.  It’s […]