Grade 6 Student

Question – What is your favourite thing at Park Manor?
Answer – I like Language Arts activities like games to learn about how to work in groups.

Question – Why do like Park Manor?
Answer – It’s a good school.  The teachers are kind of pushing you, but they’re not too too strict.  It’s equal between pushing you and not being too strict.  They (teachers) are good helpers.

Question – Why do you think you go to school?
Answer – To learn, have a good life and to make money.

Question – Is there anything else you want to tell me?
Answer – When I get older, I’d want my kids to go here.  Most people should come here.


  • I first thought of the idea of Learners of Park Manor after following the Facebook page “Humans of New York” by Brandon Stanton.  He takes photographs and asks the people he is photographing very good questions that really dig deep and help share a small part of their story.
  • I also attended some Professional Development workshops over the summer where the importance of Student Voice was highlighted.
  • I would like Learners of Park Manor (LOPM) to be the voice of our school community

James Bond – Principal

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