Grade 7 Student

Tech & Art

Question – Tell me why you were using your iPod in art class?
Answer – I was using my device because the art teacher said we could use a view finder or our device.  I chose to use my device, so that I could keep the picture of the part of the bike I was drawing fresh in my mind.

Question – How do see using technology as part of school?
Answer – I think it’s a good idea.  It helps me learn.  If I’m stuck on something I can look up a word I don’t know.

Question – What do you like to do outside of school?  How does your dance training help you in school?
Answer – I have danced competitively since grade 1 for over eight hours every week.  I have to be flexible and stretch in dance and at school we have to get good at stretching our brain to learn.

Question – What is about the culture here at Park Manor that helps you learn?
Answer – The teachers are really nice and they can help you.  Don’t be afraid of them because some of them are pretty tall.  They really help you.

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