Learners of Park Manor 2 #LOPM #WRDSB

Grade 6 Student Question – What are your favourite things at Park Manor? Answer – Getting to know the teachers, having a desk, a locker and we get to move from class to class. Question – What did you like about the Panther Cup activities? Answer – We had to think about strategies and I liked working with other students […]

Learners of Park Manor 1 #LOPM #WRDSB

Grade 6 Student Question – What is your favourite thing at Park Manor? Answer – I like Language Arts activities like games to learn about how to work in groups. Question – Why do like Park Manor? Answer – It’s a good school.  The teachers are kind of pushing you, but they’re not too too strict.  It’s […]

Meet the Teacher BBQ – September 9th, from 5:00-7:00 PM

Park Manor’s “Meet the Teacher BBQ” is on September 9th from 5:00-7:00 PM on the back tarmac.  Food and drinks are all $1.50 each.  Come and eat, then tour the school and meet your child’s teachers.

Student Recognition – Panther PAWs

This year as part of our building community focus on the four PAWs (Know Yourself, Respect Yourself, Respect Others and Work Hard), we initiated a PAWsitive recognition program that encourages all staff to look for PAWsitive behaviours and recognise those students who are exhibiting them.  So far, students have earned over 100 PAWs!  Way to […]

School Community Focus 2013-2014

  During the winter and spring of 2013, the staff at Park Manor defined four key areas that impact our students success or lack thereof.  We found that during our discussions about student achievement during collaboration time in our Staff Learning Centre that some students were not increasing their achievement level.  The Stickies we use […]

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