Today’s Meet ( is a technology website used by students with a tablet.

Students used the ‘running conversation’ to ask questions before, during and after reading a shared text (we also used it for connection making).  It reinforces the idea that questions have to be done at many stages.  You can revisit the transcript of the conversation to break down the questions that students have create and make up what the criteria for good, THICK (Open-ended Critical Thinking) question are.

Increased student engagement and active learning was evident.  Students were actively involved and excited to be using this website, which in turn made them enthusiastic and engaged in the lesson.

Supports the idea of gradual release as this can be done for shared activities and ALL students can get a chance to participate.

One student commented that they liked using the Today’s Meet because then everyone had the chance to ask their questions/make connections at the same time and have their ideas ‘heard’ (or read) by the others.  This students also noted that in normal whole class activities without this tool, not everyone gets to participate because it would take up too much time and not everyone would be paying attention.


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