Programs Offered at Woolwich Counselling Centre

Please take a look at the files listed below for programs held at Woolwich Counselling Centre.
Girls Support Group
Gal Pals.pdf
Self-Harm Support and Information
Confidence Building and Awareness
 Glad to Be Me.pdf
Separation and Divorce Support for the entire family
 Me, You and Us.pdf

Park Manor Guidance – Here To Support YOU

    • As the guidance contact for the school, I hope to provide assistance to those students who feel they need additional support. Children are faced with many difficulties throughout their childhood years including loss (family separation, death of a loved one, relocation), poor self-esteem, bullying, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. Children need a chance to express themselves and work through these challenges to prevent further complications. Meeting with students allows them to discover positive coping mechanisms. I am happy to meet with students to help with this and would encourage your child to make contact with me should they wish to talk. Parents are also welcome to call or email me with any concerns they have with regards to their child’s transition to this new school year. We all need to work together.
    • There will be times when your child’s needs go beyond my capabilities and where I feel they would benefit from other services. Our local community professional counselling agency is the Woolwich Counselling Centre, located in Elmira. They provide an excellent Child and Youth therapy program, individual and family counselling, as well as various children’s group programs.  We encourage you to look into their services or contact Beth Mason, Program Director, at 519-669-8651, ext. 104 if you feel your child may benefit from counselling.
Mme. M. Jespersen
Park Manor Guidance Contact
519-570-8113 ext 7310

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