WiFi + Computer + SMART Board + HD Projector

Google Earth & Bing Maps Free Rice French verb and vocabulary review activities Online stories Phonics activities Merriam Webster Dictionary website Engaging word games for bellwork, warm up, word practice and vocabulary Smart Exchange – engaging SMART Board lessons (smartexchange.com) Math Language Arts

WiFi + Computer + HD Projector

Virtual Library Computer Lab Instruction Streaming video Learn 360 NFB TED Vimeo Google Earth & Bing Maps KhanAcademy Audio and visual Step-by-step lessons Great for reaching different learning styles Lessons are linked to practice work  Edugains & Mathgains

WiFi + Smartphone

Research Calculator Twitter

WiFi + PlayBook

Students can access class agendas and lesson plans Today’s Meet – to collaborate from anywhere Translator Apps See word in French French pronunciation and voice recording Research WRDSB Virtual Library & Library Catalogue Websites Great for research Interactive math and language sites Videos & Podcasts Email Wikis & Blogs Images and content can be uploaed […]

WiFi + PlayBook + HD Projector

WRDSB Virtual Library Websites Videos & Podcasts Email, Wikis, Blogs Twitter Document Sharing Bing Maps App Streaming video Learn 360 NFB TED Vimeo Application or website instruction Videos made on PlayBook for French oral comprehension Video or voice instructions Show online images for discussion

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