Building Compassion at Park Manor School

As you know, November 19 – 25 is national Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week.  We also know that many students and adults are impacted by bullying.  One of the most important actions that can counter bullying is to take action.  It begins with the smallest of steps.  Helping someone else when they drop their books in the hallway or when they don’t understand how to do something, can be a powerful tool to improve a student’s connection to the school. These acts of compassion can be a strong intervention for those that are being picked on by others.  It is the smallest of actions that make a difference.

Here at Park Manor, we believe that we have the best students in the world.  They are kind and caring.  They show compassion every day.  We want to acknowledge them for their kind actions.  It is as simple as telling a child that we noticed them doing the right thing.  We hope that this will build on the positive learning environment that we are already fostering at Park Manor.

So Park Manor Panthers, have you been caught?