Research – First Nations connected to the Environment

Grade 6 students have been researching early First Nation peoples and their traditional connections to the environment. There findings have been captured through various projects including models, posters and papers. created by EW 6-1   created by MS 6-1   created by NF 6-1

Park Manor Guidance Department

Programs Offered at Woolwich Counselling Centre Please take a look at the files listed below for programs held at Woolwich Counselling Centre. Girls Support Group Gal Pals.pdf Self-Harm Support and Information  SAFE.pdf Confidence Building and Awareness  Glad to Be Me.pdf Separation and Divorce Support for the entire family  Me, You and Us.pdf Park Manor Guidance […]

Athletics – Intramurals

Arena Football – grade 6 co-ed Volleyball – grade 6, 7, 8 co-ed 3 on 3 Basketball – grade 6, 7, 8

We in Action – Five Days for Freedom April 2010

On behalf of the ‘We in Action’ team we want to thank you for the ongoing support that you have given our fundraising efforts towards our Free the Children/Me to We initiatives. We have been excited to see that more students are keen and eager to become involved in making a positive change in our community […]

Athletics – Varsity Teams

Football – Boys Football – Girls Field Hockey – Girls Volleyball – Girls Volleyball – Boys Basketball – Girls and Boys Wrestling – Girls and Boys Running Club – Girls and Boys Track and Field – Girls and Boys

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