Word To Go App

Completion of short writing assignments.  Downloading and manipulating Word files from my Wikispaces.  Incredibly easy and motivating for students.  You can copy and paste text from an internet site into a Word to Go document.  Uploaded a word file to my wiki and students opened it in Word To Go to complete a graphic organizer.  […]

Voice Notes – More Uses

Recording student voice Teacher voice recorded for student reference Oral research notes Instructions for the project or how to do research Record and playback answers to questions Record student discussions Record teacher instructions to listen to again as necessary Practice new languages both speaking and listening Create an audio file for a book to make […]

Twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/ParkManorPS/park-manor-twitterers

Daily Tweets posted to inform parents of activities completed.  Teaches digital citizenship when students write the Tweets.  Parents can now see what students are learning about in their classes.  Reminders for students to access from home should they be absent.  Students and parents can access notes and announcements from home.

Camera – Video Recording

Recording of student presentations for teacher and self-evaluation.  Used video to do a diagnostic on listening and speaking strategies in pairs.  Students were able to reflect on what they saw. Very powerful!  Create videos for assignments or activities.  Video students performing in Physical Education class or during games.  Support students who may be nervous presenting […]

Scrapbook App

Short presentation of information including words and pictures.  Presentation of final project in Social Studies Explorers Unit.

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