Success Story #4

Examining how Voice Notes and self-talk improve completeness and correctness of math word problems Faster access to images, videos and information provides more time to practice and learn When students are able to complete their work instead of leaving it incomplete, they can benefit from feedback from their teachers Students oral reading results are increasing […]

Success Story #3

Students frequently use concepts and processes that were modelled using technology More variety of visual sources enhances creativity Students are more engaged in the learning Students are appreciative of the integration Students with special needs are able to meet the Success Criteria now with technology Student work improves as they are able to listen or […]

Proscope + Computer + HD Projector

Use in science class for demonstrations and using microscopes Captures still, video and time-lapsed video

Document Camera + Computer + HD Projector

Notebook software Capture photos and video

Document Camera + HD Projector

Live coloured Works great with a plain whiteboard Shared & Modeled Instruction Very easy to model steps, organizing and thinking Adds a visual component to any think-aloud Student Exemplars Amazing for sharing student work Manipulatives – displays in colour Demonstrations leading to student independence Ongoing instruction and next steps Examples (art, history, geography) Review Learning […]

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