It time to reduce the stigma about Mental Illness

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. This is a day to raise awareness and continue the conversation around mental health. One in five Canadians will suffer from mental illness at some point in their lifetime. A big hurdle for anyone living with mental illness is overcoming the stigma, and this is a major reason why those suffering do not seek help.

We want to encourage the conversation and help end the stigma. Stigma spreads fear and misinformation, labels individuals and perpetuates stereotypes.

What does reducing the stigma mean?

Reducing stigma requires a change in behaviours and attitudes toward acceptance, respect and equitable treatment of people with mental health problems and mental illnesses. This happens by understanding that mental illness is not anyone’s choice and recovery is possible with appropriate treatment and supports. The more stigma can be reduced, the better the outcomes for people and programs promoting mental wellness.

Join the conversation

Get started in reducing the stigma by joining the conversation. Bell will donate 5 cents to support mental health initiatives in Canada for every applicable text, call, tweet or social media video view. Visit Bell Let’s Talk Day for details.

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Learn more about Reducing Mental Health Stigma on the Employee Wellness website.

You can also find more information on mental health and wellness on the The National Standard for Psychological Health & Safety.