How we are using technology tools for learning.

Park Manor uses technology to accelerate learning for all students.  Every classroom has a document camera, data projector and wireless Internet.  We also have 35 dual boot iMacs, 7 SMART Boards and 78 BlackBerry PlayBooks.  The staff and students use all the forms of technology in innovative ways to support their own learning, develop 21st century […]

PlayBook Charging In Classrooms

Here is our very inexpensive, simple charging device for the PlayBooks. It’s a plastic magazine rack with the chargers plugged into a power bar.  It works great and is very easy and efficient to use.

Success Story #6 – Today’s Meet

Today’s Meet ( is a technology website used by students with a tablet. Students used the ‘running conversation’ to ask questions before, during and after reading a shared text (we also used it for connection making).  It reinforces the idea that questions have to be done at many stages.  You can revisit the transcript of […]

Success Story #5

During a Grade 6  Math class we were giving real life connections to do with rates.  The students had been asked to research the annual salaries of an average person in Canada and one other country.  Students came back with their information and one of them had used France, but could only get the information […]

Document Camera – A High Yield Tool

Create anchor charts with the students on how to do research and the success criteria. Modelled instruction in every subject. Math problem solving Reading strategies Written tasks Visual arts techniques Shared instruction Math problem solving Reading strategies Written tasks Co-constructed anchor charts Developing Learning Goals & Success Criteria  Student presentations of projects or assignments in […]

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